Through the Looking Glass I


There are many ways leading into landscape, a particular one was chosen by Gerhard Lang for his Performance in the Wenkenpark in Riehen near Basle (Switzerland) on 11th September 2010. The meaning of this work is rooted in how Lang overlapped mirror image and reality, backward and forward movements, negative and positive pictures during the course of his performance, in which a specially manufactured "Claude Lorrain Mirror" played an important role. Named after the painter Claude Lorrain (1600-1682) such dark convex mirrors were used by landscape painters and tourists in the 18th and 19th century to look for and examine picturesque motifs. [...]

[C. N., Excerpt from the special publication (Separatum): Through the Looking Glass I, 2011]

For more about the Claude Lorrain mirror in Gerhard Lang’s work,see Through the Looking Glass II

Thanks to Annemarie Burckhardt and the Stiftung Gartenbaubibliothek in Basle.

Ill. I - IV, VI: Andreas Hagenbach

Ill. V: Gerhard Lang







Gerhard Lang © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn