The Typical Marking of
Farmer Jenni's Cow Herd in Schöntal
Composite Photography

26 photographs and 1 composite

In 1994 Gerhard Lang photographed all the cow markings (left and right sides) of a farmer’s herd of cattle in Schöntal with the intention of superimposing the individual markings by means of composite photography (1). In this way he determined the generic marking of the herd.

(1) See also Work: The Typical Inhabitant of Schloss-Nauses 1992/2000

Ill I: Composite: The Typical Marking of
Farmer Jenni’s Cow Herd in Schöntal, 2002

Ill IIa: Elvira right, 1994

Ill. IIb: Astrid left, 1994


II a. / II b.
Gerhard Lang © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn